Welcome to The World of Mortal Dreams

Psst. Can you keep a secret?

Having been lucky enough to stumble into this site, you’ll soon learn about a world only witches and sorcerers understand. Yes, we all travel to the same dazzling universe when we close our eyes at night, but our memories fade so quickly in the morning we imagine these wild adventures to be mere fantasies.

Little do we realize  we’ve journeyed to a land created by the collective imagination of everyone who ever lived. And we’ve crossed the barriers of time in our travels. The World of Mortal Dreams has no past or future, only a perpetual now.

Come read The Witch of the Hills, the story of a teenage witch who must overcome a ridiculous communications barrier and the betrayal of her own heart before she can recruit the modern-day boy prophesied to prevent the World of Mortal Dreams from collapsing.

Follow that up with The Multitude, the story of a wannabe angel who accidentally splits the universe in two when she goes back in time to change the past. Hidden behind a barrier of smoke now now lies a civilization still struggling under the shadow of the Roman Empire. Can two lovers on our side interact with their clones on the other to save these desperate people?

You’ll soon also find a link to the story about a couple stranded in Limbo where they learn first-hand how quickly the planet would break down if every man, woman, and child suddenly disappeared.

Meanwhile, click on The Vagrant to find two poems teeming with clues to help a teenage boy solve a mystery dating back to 1692 Salem.

Enjoy the ride!

J.M. Fraser




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