The Angel Gabriella hopes to make a better world when she travels into the past to erase a major religion. But she accidentally divides the universe like an amoeba and creates a barbaric version of mankind still living in the shadow of the Roman Empire. Like a supernatural Cat in the Hat, Gabriella spreads her mischief through the cosmos in a quest to set things right.

In our world, Brewster Delay and Carla Summers spill out of their dreams for a series of midnight trysts. They fall in love and seem destined for happiness until the police arrive with allegations he murdered her a year before they ever met.

Elsewhere, a soldier, Quintus, fights his way across a biblical landscape. He falls in love with Maynya, the priestess of a people living in chains. He must kill his own brother to set them free.

While all of these troubled souls share a psychic bond, only Brewster can decide their fate. He finds a way to revise a past vibrating like a tuning fork, only to face an impossible choice. How can he save his beloved when he learns the butterfly effect will kill Maynya and leave an entire civilization in moral darkness?

The Multitude will be published in the summer of 2019. Watch for it!